Aardvarks v. El Paso

Aardvarks faced El Paso at Phil Cachon Park this past Friday, October 6th.  The Aadvarks went into the match 1-0 and El Paso was playing their season opener.

For the Aardvarks a lot of excitement was had because of the new bylaws that give starting preference to players who make it to practice the week of a match.  A lot of growing pains are anticipated but there’s nothing like seeing new players test their grit in their first league matches.

Also, leading to excitement is the budding rivalry between the Scorpions and the Aardvarks.  

The Rugby match was a hard hitting endeavor but the biggest blow the Aardvarks took was suffering a red card early resulting in the majority of the match to being 15 on 14. 

Scorpions jumped out to early lead and exchanging scores and penalty kicks.  Both sides suffered from crucial injuries.

The highlight of the match came when #10 Dorian Bunn broke a series of tackles along the side line until dishing it to Reese at the wing. Reese scored a his first try as an Aardvark to become a true Zulu warrior!  This score brought the Aardvarks within a try.

Ultimately the Aardvarks were put away but a timely penalty kick to put the  game out of reach as time dwindled down.

The Aardvarks looked strong and the future is very bright.  The Aardvarks are now 1-1 and are not detoured from their goal of making a deep playoff run!  

-Ark Ark Ark Aardvarks!

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