Champagne Rugby

Aardvark History of Champagne Rugby Style of Rugby (we have a rich history of rugby / 42 years)

Dr. Ed O'ConnorOne of our Greatest Aardvark Rugby Players of All-time / He was the one that Brought us Champagne Style Rugby and we change the landscape of Rugby here in the USA! Father of USA Champagne Style of Rugby!

Albuquerque Rugby Club Started in 1973 but we had great coach and players name Dr. Ed O’Connor who is In the Aardvark Hall of Fame. He came here to get medical resident practice at UNM Hospital. He came out in 1974 but he was probably one of the top 4 outside centers in the USA. He captain the famous Santa Monica Rugby Team Back in the late 60’s and early 70’s and they were the best Rugby Team in the USA / he also Played at Norte Dame / but just before he came to Albuquerque he tour France and pick up the Champagne Style of Rugby and introduce it to the newly form Aardvark Rugby Club and Boy we took to it Like fish to water! We had great speed and some great Athletes and Dr. Ed O’Connor literally or figuratively change the Landscape of Rugby in the USA by having the Aardvarks play Champagne Style of Rugby. We started winning right Away and in 3 year period we won the many North America 7s tournaments  / Denver 7s (2) Times and other Rugby teams Started copying our Style of rugby for example OU Rugby Club. Rugby players love our Aardvark Style of play and most importantly the Fans love to watch the Running Vark’s play Champagne Rugby. Rugby Fans want to watch entertaining Rugby and the Aardvarks can provide that now with our new great addition of kids who can run with the wind and our young baby Aardvarks recruits. I would like to see us go back and play the way French and the Style of Welsh Rugby that has made Champagne Rugby so entertaining to watch. We are going to a great venue this spring / Balloon Fiesta Park and we now have home field to showcase the Greatest Rugby Club in the USA

(Albuquerque Aardvark Rugby Club) 42 years of Aardvark Rugby!  Let’s Go back and play this style of Rugby!

Here is brief description of Aardvark Champagne rugby is the exact opposite of 10 man rugby. The ball is moved as quickly as possible and as far around the pitch in an effort to make use of their faster players and to tire a less fit team. The Welsh and the French are famous for this style of game, but back in the 1970’s a team from New Mexico (Albuquerque Aardvark Rugby Club) Show the USA Rugby community how to play Champagne Rugby, although the phrase originates from New Zealand.

It involves offloading out of the tackle, keeping the ball in play more and avoiding contact. When the Albuquerque Aardvark play Champagne Rugby their game is more aesthetically pleasing and so is applauded if a team can master it; however it carries far more risk than any other style and can back fire spectacularly as it did for the Welsh against England in February (They lost 47-13)

Champagne Rugby style show the true flair of the French, Rugby style running the ball from all angles, keeping it alive whenever possible, and most importantly – getting over the try line to finish off the great phases of play.

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