2010 HOF – Andy Murray

Andy was born in England where he attended Cheshunt Grammar School from 1969 to 1976. This is where he started playing rugby at age 11. His natural ability for the game led to his appointment as captain of the varsity team in his senior year. He also played for the Hertfordshire U19 team at both scrum half and wing forward. He attended St. Paul’s College in Cheltenham, England and in 1979 he was selected as an All-England collegiate rugby player. In 1979 he joined one of the famous English premier league rugby teams, London Saracens, before joining Cheshunt rugby club where he played until 1986.

The Santa Fe rugby team were on a spring tour to Great Britain that year and Andy played against the Santa Fe team which included several Aardvarks. Andy decided that he wanted to play and coach in the U.S. and in August 1986 he arrived in Albuquerque.

Andy met his wife Bobbie at the High Desert party in 1986 and with their son, Calum, they have lived in Albuquerque ever since.

Under Andy’s captaining and coaching, combined with his fitness, enthusiasm and love of rugby, he soon transformed the Aardvarks into a force known throughout the west today.

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