2011 HOF – Tim Gorham

Tim Gorham graduated from the University of Colorado in the spring of 1973 and returned to his home of Albuquerque, NM. One fateful day, his good friend David Herring was playing this crazy game called Rugby and invited him out to watch a game. It turned out Tim‟s college roommate and close friend “The Bisquit” was playing for University. of Colorado and were playing in finals of the first High Desert Classic on Johnson Gym Field in the fall of 1974. I watched the game and University of Colo- rado, with many my college friends on the team, won the very first High Desert Classic.

Tim‟s Family Friends, the Harpers were always at his annual Christmas parties. One year, Fred Harper was there.

Tim made the mistake of making a joke about this rugby game The next thing he knew was being slammed up against the shutters at his parents house by Fred; he guessed at that moment he had just learned a valuable lesson about rugby; the first of many lessons! That following fall of 1974, David Herring talked Tim into playing. He brought along his childhood buddy, Laddie Stribling (also an inductee to- night), to also play this amazing game.

Tim does not remember much about the first few practices and games except he was hooked on the game and thought the guys were a great bunch of crazy dudes.

Rugby fit his athletic skills perfectly. The first position he played was flanker, or as it was sometimes called in those days, “break away”. He remembers his first game at Univ. of New Mexico. Who colud remember who the opposition was when David Herring ran out on the field with his blond hair tied up and sparkles all over his hair and face! Other memorable characters playing at that time were Ray Ma- ronne our star fly-half, Bobby Bell, Rudy Chavez, David Gaffey, Hal Hames and other classic Aarvarks that great day! Tim usually played flanker, but because the Aardvarks were so small he played prop in some games. Tim also played inside center for a year or two.

Some of Tim‟s best memories of playing with the Aardvarks were road trips to Denver, Austin, and select side games in Little Rock, Arkansas. The annual 1975 and 1977 spring 7’s games in Denver were proba- bly some of his fondest memories of the game of rugby. His honors include, in 1977 being selected for the Western Territorial Select Side and, in the same year, being selected for the US National Eagles Team that toured England. However, surely his greatest memory was the Aardvark‟s come back victory against a California. team in the final in front of 1000 fans. That was a fantastic experience.

In the Spring of 1979 Tim joined the Santa Monica, California Club to enjoy his rugby in the sun, but in 1985 he returned to the mountains and played for the “Aardvarks of the North” the Denver Highlanders where they won the national 7s Championship. Five year‟s later he joined Woodlands of Texas, finally hanging up his boots in 1998 after twenty-four illustrious years gracing rugby fields. Tim gave back to the game by coaching the Rice University Rugby Club from 1999 to 2004. Tim earned his Batchelors in Geology at CU and his Maters in Geology at UNM.

In conclusion, from that fateful Christmas day until today, Rugby has brought Tim the greatest time of his life.

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